Focus Software becomes part of French Sogelink group

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Fatima CEO of Sogelink shaking hands with Pål Eskerud CEO of Focus Software

Focus Software becomes part of French Sogelink group

Sogelink joins forces with Focus Software to strengthen its position as a European Construction Technology leader, with the support of Keensight Capital

Press Release

Sogelink, a leading provider of software solutions for infrastructure, construction, and property management professionals, today announces the acquisition of Focus Software a Norwegian leader in Building Information Modelling software, to continue reinforcing its leading pan-European Construction Technology offer. This new transaction, completed will open perspectives for the Group in the Nordics region and allow it to develop its expertise further in early stages construction design solutions. As the majority shareholder of Sogelink, Keensight Capital has worked together with the management of the two companies to make this acquisition possible. As part of the merger, the co-founders of Focus will become shareholders of the extended group.

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Billingstad, near Oslo (Norway), Focus is a market leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) software company. It provides its software solutions to a wide array of clients and over 16 000 users, ranging from private companies (home builders, architects, landscape architects,) to engineering consultants within infrastructure and building to public authorities.


Focus Software is composed of around 50 skilled professionals that have developed and integrated various early stages construction design solutions throughout the years. These include software solutions such as applications or cloud-based collaborative tools that allow, among others, to present digital plan data with the authorized & correct geometry; to prepare land acquisition drawings, tender specifications on graded networks, or building specifications according to specific regulations or frameworks. Since its inception 25 years ago by 6 co-founders, Focus has grown significantly through strong organic growth Its customer base is developed in the Nordics region, notably in Norway and Sweden.


Sogelink is the partner of choice for construction companies, network operators and public authorities in their digital journey. It brings innovative software solutions across the entire lifecycle of an asset. With this new acquisition, Sogelink has successfully combined organic growth with a proven ability to integrate teams with nine companies acquired over a 5-year span.

Sogelink is expanding its activities in Northern Europe as well as its expertise in the field of BIM software. This partnership will allow Sogelink to complete its expertise in the early stages of the value chain, thus consolidating its European leading position across multiple construction technology markets.

With more than 600 employees across Europe, total revenues of more than €130 million and a double-digit organic growth trajectory, this merger will allow the group to reinforce its organic growth in its core geographies, all the while accelerating the international roll-out of its product offering across the entire construction value chain. It will also increase the financial capacity and combined expertise available to drive further innovation and selective acquisitions.

Fatima Berral, CEO of Sogelink, commented:Focus Software was a natural fit to complete Sogelink’s offer on the project design segment, which intervenes upstream in the value chain. Together, we share a common client culture oriented towards public authorities, construction companies, architects and civil engineers that will help us develop the Group’s presence in the Nordics. Gaining access to this new geography will allow Sogelink to enter a very dynamic and innovative construction market and to reinforce itself on the engineering & BIM software segment.” 

Pål Eskerud, Chief Executive Officer at Focus, added: “We are very proud to integrate the Sogelink Group in which we have found a solid and trusted partner to keep on developing our presence throughout Europe. We believe they are the best fit for us at Focus Software and we are looking forward to working together and share our knowledge to further shape the future of construction technology.”

Jean-Michel Beghin, Managing Partner, & Arjan Hannink, Partner at Keensight Capital, continued: “With this second acquisition in less than a month, Sogelink is growing at a fast pace to consolidate its position as a real European leader in Construction Technology. Keensight Capital is proud to have contributed once again to this acquisition process and will continue to support the Group in its future development endeavours."


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