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Stål 2D

Focus Konstruksjon Betong 2D is a plug-in solution for Focus Konstruksjon 2D that expands the program with support for strength tests of steel in 2D.

This plug-in enables you to test the capacity of steel using Eurocode 3 with national compliances for Norway or Sweden. This plug in also supports earlier standards such as NS3472.

User friendly

An elegant and easy to-use-interface.
Create your 3D model, add loads and forces, view illustrated previews of all results.

Global analysis

Easy to do global analysis with all material types together. Analyse steel, wood and concrete materials in one complete model.

Load arrangements

Load-guides for snow, wind and other load combinations. Snow and wind loads are calculated according to: NS-EN 1991-1-3+NA:2008 & NS-EN 1991-1-4:2005+NA:2009

About Stål 2D

Easy design of steel structures in 2D

Focus Steel is designed to dimension everything from a single bar to large three-dimensional models. You can quickly retrieve the cross sections from a profile table that comes with the program. It is quite possible to combine different materials in the same model. Focus Konstruksjon Steel will then check the steel segments.

Useful wizards

If you want to calculate snow loads or wind loads, these can be set out on segments using wizards that generate the loads according to EN 1991-1-3 and EN 1991-1-4, respectively.

The program also has a very useful wizard for generating load combinations according to EN 1990. Focus Steel performs design check in the same operation as you calculate the static results. In this way, you can quickly and efficiently perform the check according to Eurocode 3.

Results graphically produced directly on the model

All forces relevant to shells and segments have their own diagrams and maps that are displayed directly on the model.

Advanced calculation gives correct results

You decide whether the program should consider lateral torsional buckling and it is also possible to set buckling lengths for buckling in and out of the plane. Focus Steel gives results after elastic cross-sectional check and stability as well as the equivalent for plastic theory. For each of these four, you can produce a graphical overview in colours that shows the utilization.

It is also possible to collect all four checks in a “worst of all” check that gives a nice overview. In the graphic view, you can point anywhere and bring up a window that shows exact values for moments, forces, displacement, elastic cross-sectional check and stability, as well as the equivalent for plastic theory.

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Stål 2D

Single-user license

4 550,-

Annual subscription (NOK)

  • Licence covers one machine.
  • One licence per machine.
  • Reccomended if software is only used on the same device.


Stål 2D

Multi-user license

5 550,-

Annual subscription (NOK)

  • Licence covers multiple machines.
  • One license per same time user.
  • Recommended when ment to be used by several machines.

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