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Dynamikk 2D

Focus Konstruksjon Dynamikk 2D is a plugin to Focus Konstruksjon 2D that gives you the tools for dynamical analysis for constructions in 2D.

With the Dynamics module you can analyse earthquakes in conjunction with the Eurocode 8. Plus, you can simulate vibration-forms in the construction and find in which frequencies this occurs. Dynamics module has two separate analysis-systems: vibration and the response spectrum analysis.

User friendly

A simple and easy to-use-interface. Create your 3D model, add loads and forces, view illustrated previews of all results.

Global analysis

Easy to do global analysis with all material types together. Analyse steel, wood and concrete materials in one complete model.

Load arrangments

Load-guides for snow, wind and other load combinations. Snow and wind loads are calculated according to: NS-EN 1991-1-3+NA:2008 & NS-EN 1991-1-4:2005+NA:2009

About Dynamikk 2D

Vibration analysis

In the vibration analysis, you get to see the vibration modes of the structure and at what frequencies they occur. In 3D, this applies to both in and out of the plane. The analysis can include material stiffness and it is also possible to include geometric stiffness.


Earthquake check is required for many structures today. This can be done in Focus Konstruksjon by running a response spectrum analysis which includes design check according to Eurocode 8. This analysis is a quick and easy way to find what percentage of capacity the structure loses due to earthquakes.

This is a linear-elastic analysis that is limited to structures with a low ductility class. In other words, the analysis is adapted to Norwegian conditions. In the analysis, you can either use design spectrum or elastic spectrum. The analysis is a modal analysis which ensures fast calculation time. It is possible to specify how many modes to include in the analysis, as well as material stiffness and whether to include geometric stiffness. The analysis works in both 2D and 3D.

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Dynamikk 2D

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4 550,-

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Dynamikk 2D

Multi-user license

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  • One license per same time user.
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