Prosjektering av vann og avløp med norske standarder og krav.

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Focus CAT VA

Focus CAT VA bygger på Focus CAT Basis, og egner seg for deg som jobber med prosjektering av ledningsnett – rør og kummer.

CAT VA inneholder et stort VA-bibliotek, og et oppsett for korrekt uttegning i henhold til Håndbok R700. Modulen inneholder også mulighet for å kunne opprette både enkle og avanserte fellesgrøfter, enten fra ferdige oppsett eller egne oppsett.

Common ditch

Create ditch cross-sections with predefined layouts or create your own layouts where you can decide the number of wires, the distance between the different wires and to the ditch wall.

Drawing basis

Setup for correct drawing in accordance with VA norms and SVV Handbook R700.

VA library

An extensive library that contains most pipe types and troughs that are used for the various networks in Norway.

About Focus CAT VA

SOSI information and SOSI cable

With our template files, SOSI information is automatically included on pipes and troughs so that exports to SOSI and KOF can be made directly after creation. The same applies to imports and exports to Norsk Vann's product specification for SOSI line 4.5 (GML).

Useful tools

Focus CAT VA expands your capabilities with a range of tools and help functions.

There are several types of fall calculations, sump and pipe tables, easy change of sump and pipe name, number and model, as well as splitting networks and more.

Subject model

We have expanded the BIM functions for subject models so you can tag objects with property sets. With support for professional model export of your VA model, you can export professional models in a simple way, whether you need to get lines, volumes or points from the model.

Drawing production

Get nicer and tidy plots of wiring using the plotting tools.

VA library

Library with over 1000 parts (surface water, wastewater, water, drainage, drainage, etc.)

Rainfall data

Focus CAT VA has its own ribbon menu with access to Autodesk's hydrological analysis tool - Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) - and comes with Norwegian rainfall data (for all counties) that you can import to SSA for analysis.



Focus CAT - VA

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