Simplify terrain engineering, according to norwegian standards and requirements.

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14 000,-

Focus CAT Landskap

With Focus CAT Landscape, you can prepare full-fledged BIM professional models. You can design advanced terrain interventions and model curbs, walls and 3D objects based on surface models. These objects can be further enriched with relevant data for the generation of subject models.

Programs allow you to prepare slope analyzes, perform mass calculations and retrieve coordinate tables in a simple way. This means that you always have an up-to-date overview of engineering and can save engineering time.

CAT Landscape also offers functionality for drawing visual sections and plan views, so that you can prepare drawings from the model in an efficient way.

Point and line control

With Focus CAT Landscape you can plot points with the desired appearance, inscription style, height and description. In addition, you can modify lines to have the desired slope and height.

Elevation / slope analyzes

You can define height and slope analyzes for surface models. Analysis definitions can be exported for later use in other models.

Curb profiles

Makes your workflow much easier and faster with Focus Kantsteinsprof

About Focus CAT Landskap

Advanced Focus CAT module

Freeform Terrain Formation

You can shape terrain models completely freely by editing triangulation with the "Freeform Terrain" function. Here, only creativity sets the boundaries.

Focus Curb profile

The program has the functionality to create custom 3D models of curbs with the correct process code information and creates surface models of curbs automatically

Cross sections

Simplify crossectioning with built in CAT tools.

Plant field

You can draw one or more plant fields on the model and select the desired species from hundreds of plants in our plant database. You can also control, among other things, planting distance and distance to delimit the field.

Retrieve edges from volume objects

You can easily extract edges from existing objects in a model and put them together as a polyline or feature line for further engineering. This makes it easy to adapt modeling to other professional models.

Generate volumes between surfaces

With this tool you can create 3D objects of volume between two surface models. These can later be updated and divided into layers as desired.

Make a total trough

With Focus CAT Landscape, you can quickly create a composite trough surface of several terrain interventions by using the function «Create total trough».

Library for Landscape

A massive object library will be released in the Focus CAT 2021 version.



Focus CAT - Landskap

Multi-user license

14 000,-

Annual subscription (NOK)

  • Licence covers multiple machines.
  • One license per same time user.
  • Recommended when ment to be used by several machines.

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