Autodesk InfraWorks

Real data and design of large outdoors and infrastructure projects.

Autodesk InfraWorks

Creating rich showcase models

With Autodesk Infraworks, you can create rich context models that showcase your design in the real world, whether it's built-in or natural surroundings. Better context gives you a better decision basis which in turn provides better project results for you and your organization.

In Infraworks, you can easily incorporate GIS data to collect large amounts of data that gives you even more accurate information about the area you are modeling in, whether it is a built-up or natural environment.

Showing your project in the context of the environment and the surrounding area will not only give you a better basis for decision-making, but also make it easier to communicate the purpose of the project to internal and external actors.

Autodesk Infraworks is delivered as a separate subscription or as part of the AEC Collection.

Software content

Dynamic simulation

Whether you want to simulate flooding, traffic, or pedestrians, you can do it in Infraworks. You can create reports that show danger areas, bottlenecks and traffic flow.

Photorealistic views

With Infraworks you can create great views, images and videos that increase your understanding of what your project will actually look like in the real world.


You can easily enter GIS data in Infraworks. Terrain and environment can be included in Civil 3D so you can design roads, water supply and sewerage networks and landscapes in detail in Civil 3D.

Conceptual design

You can easily split items visually based on given properties. You can also design roads, sidewalks, analyze roads in intersections.



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