Autodesk Civil 3D

Project engineering, analysis and calculations for outdoors- and infrastructure projects.

Autodesk Civil 3D

A powerfull tool for building construction and infrastructure design.

Civil 3D® is the software solution for all types of infrastructure projects and is a powerful tool for construction, analysis and documentation with a workflow adapted to building information modeling (BIM). This means that you can create models with actual data (from laser scanning or other map data) and perform analyzes and calculations to best be able to plan engineering in a given area.

Civil 3D is mainly used for the design of all possible outdoor and infrastructure projects. That is, everything from roads, water and sewage systems, terrain and landscape design (quarries, parks, construction pits) and everything in between. With the correct data, you get accurate calculations of, for example, masses, runoff, sight lines, etc. There is an incredible amount you can do with Civil 3D - and we are experts in this.

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Collaboration across teams

With Collaboration for Civil 3D, Civil 3D connects to BIM 360, which makes it possible to quickly and easily collaborate on Civil 3D files with whomever you want, no matter where they are.


GIS integration

You can get GIS data directly into Civil 3D, which means that everyone who works on the project has access to the latest data and information


DynamoWith Dynamo, it is possible to automate repetitive and tedious work tasks in Civil 3D. It gives you as a user more efficient workflows.

Expanding your toolbox

Autodesk Civil 3D has its own API that allows you to install your own subject modules and applications from other software vendors such as Focus CAT Basis, Road, VA, Landscape, Focus Area Plan, Focus Land Acquisition and Focus VARDAK from Focus Software

Applications & modules

Autodesk Civil 3D can be expanded on with multiple specialized tools and functions.

  • Focus Software can offer you such solutions, developed for the Norwegian market.
  • Our applications complies with and simplifies working with all the national requirements.
  • Most of our software also comes with high-quality library content that simplifies your workflow considerably.

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Focus CAT

With the help of Focus CAT (Civil Advanced Tools), you can adapt Civil 3D to Norwegian projects, delivery requirements and file format.

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Norwegian AutoCAD®, and Civil 3D Application for detailed design of water and sewage solutions.

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