Autodesk BIM 360 Design

Better cooperation in Revit between colleagues and across borders.

BIM 360 Design

Provides a common workplace in Revit.

To have a good collaboration, it requires communication between project participants.

With BIM 360 Design, you can easily communicate with other project participants and share information with the entire project team.

Since BIM 360 Design is integrated into Revit's worksharing mechanism, you will have the opportunity to see changes made by other project participants in the Revit project, and can synchronize changes continuously while working in the same cloud-based Revit model. This way, all parties can keep their work up to date

BIM360 Design enables file sharing across teams or companies. Using a timeline, you will easily be able to see when files are being shared and choose which ones you need to download.

Extra applications

The basic module or the main program can be expanded on with specialized tools and functions.

Focus Software offer solutions developed for the Norwegian market, with Norwegian standards and library content that simplifies your workflow considerably.


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When you subscribe to BIM 360 Design, you get a license of BIM 360 Docs!

With a link to BIM 360 Docs, your model syncs with the cloud. Then all project participants can see changes as soon as they are synchronized without the need to download any special software. With Large Model Viewer, the Revit model is displayed in your web browser without converting the file to other formats or needing to download the file. With BIM 360 Docs you can also upload all other types of project documents and make them available to the other project participants. Bim 360 Docs also supports viewing the Office 365 package directly in the solution.

Free with purchace of BIM 360




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