Wood Framing Suite

Complete package for Precut, Elements and Wood Constructions.

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AgaCAD Wood Framing Suite

Focus Software is proud to be Norway's exclusive distributor of AGACAD BIM solutions, for studs in walls, decks and ceilings in wood and metal. And also solutions for solid wood and SIP.

With AGACAD Wood Framing, you generate direct trusses in walls, decks and ceilings in your Revit model. Create a production basis and generate CNC files for precut or whole elements for machines like Hundegger and Weinmann saws and robots.

AGACAD is used by a number of Norwegian housing- and element manufacturers. We also recommend Focus RAT Basis (Revit Advanced Tools) for maximum utilization with the RAT tools and the accompanying  library.

Modellering i AgaCAD

With Revit, Focus RAT Basis, AGACAD Wood Framing, our well-adapted Norwegian library and layout, you have what you need. Our consultants can help you with training and configuration, so that you can quickly start production of your first projects.

BIM optimization

The software is in Norwegian, with Norwegian templates and weatherconditions.

Quick CNC export

Med flere materialtyper i en komplett modell.

Generer komplett rapport med alle resultater.

Norwegian solution

Guides and webinars are available online, in Norwegian.

About AGACAD Woodframing Suite

The AGACAD Wood Framing Suite contains all the tools you need for fast and efficient modeling of walls, floors and ceilings in three modules. All in one package. Everything is of course adapted to Norwegian conditions and for Norwegian projects.

  • Wood Framing Roof makes it possible to instantly create prefabricated roof elements or complex rafters with any shape or complexity, and generate custom materialists and assembly drawings, all in Revit.
  • Wood Framing Wall makes it quick and easy to model uprights for walls in Revit. In addition, displays with dimensions for wall elements are automatically created, as well as accurate material-lists and installation drawings.
  • Wood Framing Floor enables automated modeling and design of floors in Revit. You get full control over all layers in the floor. All your floors are modeled quickly and easily, which means that you avoid costly mistakes and problems, further in the production process.
  • Smart Connect makes it easier to organize areas with material, where beams can be updated automatically with new heights and values.

Several other tools are located under the Focus Software menu, giving you quick and easy access to useful features that save time and provide reliable accuracy.

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    Andre AGACAD løsninger

    The entire AgaCAD Woodframing Suite are included in 2 other BIM-solutions for studwork.


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    Massivtre Suite

    Med massivtremodulen (CLT) fra AGACAD kan du raskt lage enkle eller komplekse tverrlaminerte tregulv, takplater og veggplater i alle former og fasonger, uansett hva du behøver.

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    SIP Suite

    Med Wood Framing SIPS kan du lage rammeverk med isolerte paneler - prefabrikkerte bygnings komponenter for bruk som vegger, gulv og tak - raskt og enkelt.

    Pris fra kr

    9 999,-

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    AGACAD Wood framing


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    AGACAD Wood framing

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