BIM solutions for the design and construction of infrastructure.

For Infrastructure, planners and landscape architects

In 2006 we released AutoCAD Civil 3D. Then soon after “Focus Arealplan” and secured a huge stake in the software market for landscaping. Since then, we have listened to our users and put together a program package that is very popular amongst landscape architectural companies.

In 2008 we released “Focus CAT Basis”, which since has been expanded with modules for Road planning, Landscape engineering and Water supply & Waste. Shortly thereafter we acquired VARDAK AS and were ready to supply the entire infrastructure-market in Norway.

Since the beginning “Focus Anbud” has been a main contender for Building/ infrastructure descriptions of works using NS3420 and Process-codes.

In 2019 we launched “Focus Beskrivelse”, a next generation software product for job description/tenders/Bill of quantities with the use of NS3420 and process codes. Focus Beskrivelse is a cloud application which makes it possible for easy project collaboration. By simply logging in using a browser Focus Beskrivelse will work on any platform or device, PC, Mac, tablet, mobile (BYOD).

Statens vegvesen (State Highway Authority), Bane NOR, National Defence, all county municipalities and all of the large advisory engineering companies are today users of our infrastructure solutions.

Digitalization of infrastructure

Focus Software aims to lead on the path to digitization of the building trade. From design and 3Dmodel to BIM and digital-twin.


BIM (Building Information Modelling) and digitization are important aspects of all site planning, a means and method to ensure the success of a project from start to finish.

The use of BIM in projects relies as much on the method as the use of the right tools. Focus Software will supply you with the right software, together with the guidance of our experts, to ensure a successful method of start up for your next BIM project. We can coach software users, BIM coordinators and BIM managers in the use of the software. Our experts can participate within a project to ensure correct method, coordination across the fields.

BIM and digitalizing are opening whole new avenues when it comes to project collaboration. Modern day software simplifies communication between project leaders, housing manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and end-users.

Take the plunge now and take better advantage of today’s technologies.

Tools for infrastructure

At Focus Software we develop software and Autodesk applications for infrastructure aimed to make workflow more efficient and enhance collaboration between all links in the industry.

We make sure our software automates dull time-consuming tasks, thereby freeing up time for a more creative process.

Our solutions for infrastructure are aimed at landscape architects, water and wastewater engineers, road engineers, zone planners and contractors.

The Autodesk AEC Collection or Infraworks, Civil 3D, or Revit can be used together with the modules Focus CAT and Focus RAT, to make powerful BIM projects.

“Focus Arealplan” and “Grunnerverv” are software applications for those who make zoning-plans or land acquisition proposals.

With the modules Focus CAT Basis, Roadway, Landscape and Water & Waste, we expand the functionality in Civil 3D. This allows you to work on projects for these trades, whilst conforming to Norwegian national standards and file-formats.

With Focus RAT, Revit gets a custom-built setup for landscape architects and Norwegian projects. In addition to templates, and a large object-library, the software is made with functionality in mind for handling Norwegian file-formats, like SOSI and KOF files, in addition to a range of other time-saving functions for the modern landscape architect.

For those who work with building/roadway job descriptions using NS3420 and the Process codes, or turnkey contracts, we have launched a new Cloud-based platform for you. Here you may craft building descriptions on PC, Mac or smart devices and collaborate with multiple users simultaneously. Focus Beskrivelse introduces new and improved methods of coordinating and collaborating over building descriptions, cloud data and all available data for project contributors. Anywhere and on all platforms.


Some of our pleased clients


Landscape architecture is about creating great outdoor spaces. Designing urban areas and gathering arenas is important for people’s lives and the environment we live in.

We at Focus wish to make this jab as simple as possible for the landscape architect, so they may be more creative and convey their work in the best way, both visually and technically.

- Alejandro Figueres-Munoz, M.Sc. Civil Engineer & Test Center manager, Focus Software AS


Water quality and supply have long been good in Norway, but climate change, higher demands for sustainable water supply and emergency services, combined with a maintenance backlog creates a huge challenge for municipal water supplies.

Sustainable water networks are created during the planning phase, where better and more effective planning will result in better economy.

- Ieva Halvorsen, W&W-engineer, Teamleader & Product owner: Focus VARDAK, FS AS


Norway today has a lot of investing, engineering and construction of roads and railways going on.

Whether it be a large project of national importance, or smaller municipal projects, we still have the same goal to help our customers and partners on delivering their projects within the agreed deadline and on budget.

- Andreas Engebretsen, Roadway engineer & Product owner: Focus CAT, Focus Software AS


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