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BIM solutions for prefabrication of domestic builds.

For Home builders

Prefabricated elements and pre-cut materials are becoming an increasingly larger part of the building industry, and many home builders have found their own solution for this.

Revit with Focus RAT and AGACAD introduces a major change for the industry. We can now offer a solution that will work for the architect’s early design phase to detailing and construction engineering. Export files for pre-cut or prefab-elements using Robot. Link elements to give you tender/bill of quantities with amounts and prices.

BIM360 offers a secure solution for communication with all teams throughout the whole process.

We give you total control over the entire process, from early design to the finished product.

Digitization for home builders

Focus Software aims to lead on the path to digitization of the building trade. From design and 3Dmodel to BIM and digital twin.


BIM (Building Information Modelling) and digitization are important aspects of the engineer’s job, a means and method to ensure the success of a project from start to finish.

The use of BIM in projects relies as much on the method as the use of the right tools. Focus Software will supply you with the right software, together with the guidance of our experts, to ensure a successful method of start up for your next BIM project. We can coach software users, BIM coordinators and BIM managers in the use of the software. Our experts can participate within a project to ensure correct method, coordination across the fields.

BIM and digitalizing are opening whole new avenues when it comes to project collaboration. Modern day software simplifies communication between project leaders, housing manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and end-users.

Take the plunge now and take better advantage of today’s technologies.

Tools for home builders

At Focus Software we are developing specialized software and modules aimed to simplify the Home builder’s work process. To make workflow more efficient and enhance collaboration between all links in the industry.

We make sure our software automates dull time-consuming tasks, thereby freeing up time for the architect’s more creative side, and the builder’s focus on effective production.

Our goal is to reduce the workload of door/window tables, zoning, material, light- and energy-calculations to a minimum. These jobs are automated for you.

The architect’s model can be used all through the work process. Structural engineering, production of pre-cut and prefabricated elements to the digital twin with a minimum of pain.

Preparing zoning plans should solely be about keeping a focus on good design and the development of areas with great living conditions. Technical solutions and data-formats work automatically.

Our solution is a combination of Revit, Focus RAT together with AGACAD Wood Framing suite and our well proven work-method for initiating and production setting of projects.

Zoning- and regulatory-plans are done in AutoCAD or Civil 3D and “Focus Arealplan”. For simulating built up areas we recommend Autodesk Infraworks.

For calculations and pricing, we use Byggassistenten. Here you may have your entire house-catalogue pre-priced. Any new sale, that may deviate from the standard calculation, can easily be adjusted with relevant additions and deductions. This gives you accurate material costs and man-hours.


Some of our references

Meet our consultants

It is quite clear that the market is screaming for more flexibility and adaptability of catalogue homes. This depicts the way domestic housing should be planned, designed and built, in all steps of the way, from the architect to production and on-site building.

- Knut Helle, senior Solution consultant, Focus Software AS


Prefabrikkerte elementer er et veldig spennende område. Modulbygg gir mer effektiv produksjon, bedre kvalitet og mindre svinn på byggeplassen. Byggingen går raskere og gir bedre miljø. Hvis du ønsker å komme i gang med prefabrikkerte elementer, så hjelper vi deg i gang med det digitale.

- Håkon Laugerud Gilje, BIM-consultant, Focus Software AS


There are many advantages to be considered for prefabricating home production. Shorter building period on site, better quality control and less capital locked into the project, are some of these advantages.

To achieve this however demands the correct software used for design and planning.

- Knut Sandvik, Building engineer & BIM consultant, Focus Software AS


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