Revit application for smarter workflows adapted to Norwegian projects.

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RAT Bygg

Focus RAT Bygg expands on Focus RAT Basis, with functionalities adapted for a construction technician's everyday life.

With our expertise and experience in construction technology and in collaboration with the industry, we have expanded Revit with functionalities that anyone working with construction technology needs in its projects. We have placed special emphasis on concrete and reinforcement.

The program makes it easier to create 2D drawings from 3D, reinforcements and generating bending lists. Focus RAT Bygg also gives you the opportunity to export models to Focus Konstruksjon for dimensioning the constructions.

Full control

Have full control of pos. numbers in your project, use «automatically assign» to work effectively. The "Generate Bending List" function creates bending lists of all or part of your project. Use ready-made templates or create your own to get the look you want.

Reinforcement drawings

Focus RAT Bygg has its own functions for generating beautiful 2D reinforcement drawings from the 3D rebar-reinforcement in the Revit model. The symbols in the 2D drawing are linked to the information in the 3D model.

Export needs to factory

With Focus RAT Bygg you can generate XML files for exporting bending lists to bending machines at the leading suppliers of rebar.

About RAT Bygg

Advanced building technology tools for Revit

Concrete reinforcement

  • Simplify the work with reinforcement in your Revit model with the reinforcement-tools in Focus RAT Bygg.
  • Reinforcement placement provides the opportunity to place 1-4 area reinforcement systems in one operation - for the correct symbol and tag.
  • Concrete without reinforcement finds all elements that do not have reinforcement, but are made of concrete.
  • Find Reinforcement finds reinforcements with a given position number (you can choose to find both with and without a position number).

Reinforcement shop list

The program has a simple and intuitive structure that makes it easy to use from the very start. Here you can model everything from a single beam to more complex models in either 2D or 3D.

General work tools

  • Update door and window elevations to elements - allows UK / OK in one tag.
  • New cross-section / longitudinal section creates cross-sections or longitudinal sections for selected elements. You can define names yourself and set display templates to new sections.

Position numbering

  • Automatically assign position numbers for selected reinforcement according to the selected numbering rule. This feature also takes into account locked numbers.
  • The check marking function checks whether the same rebar has different marking or different irons have the same marking outside the tolerance.
  • Lock / unlock position number locks or unlocks selected position numbers in a row.

Exchange tools

Export to Focus Konstruksjon exports frame elements, loads, layout conditions, load combinations and cases to Focus Konstruksjon.

Detailing tools

  • Detailing reinforcement sets 2D symbols and tags on selected reinforcement. It places one symbol on each reinforcement set.
  • Update details update changed reinforcement symbols. Both scope and information.
  • Reinforcement details with or without dimensions or scaling creates 2D details, in groups that contain lines and data from the reinforcement. This can be made with or without information or scaled down in relation to the original.
  • Remove unused parts and clean up any parts that may not be in use.
  • If the origin of the details has changed, the information in the detail is updated using the Update details function.
  • Delete unused symbols removes unused reinforcement symbols in the project.

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Focus RAT - Bygg

Multiuser license

3 800,-

(NOK) Annual subscription

  • Licence covers multiple machines.
  • One license per same time user.
  • Recommended when ment to be used by several machines.

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