Norwegian application for Autodesk Revit® for smarter workflows adapted to Norwegian projects.

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RAT Arkitekt

Focus RAT Arkitekt (Architect) expands the funtionality of Focus RAT Basis and is adapted to an architect's everyday life.

Through many years of collaboration with architectural offices throughout Norway, we have expanded Revit with all the tools an architect needs in his projects, and we adapted these to TEK17 and other Norwegian regulations.

Focus RAT Arkitekt helps you with tedious and repetitive tasks such as door, window and room diagrams. Also, area management, door and window numbering and stroke directions and energy calculation are done according to TEK17 and similar Norwegian requirements.

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Rooms & zones

Calculate all types of areas for rooms according to Norwegian standards. You may also quickly and easily calculate the light percentage for homes according to TEK 17.


With Focus RAT Architect, you can easily automate tedious tasks, such as direction of impacts, door and window numbers and more.


The add-on contains ready-made templates for door, window and room schemas. You may also create custom templates for decks, furniture, walls and more.

About Focus RAT Arkitekt

Advanced architect add-on for Focus RAT Basis

Auto numbering of doors and windows

The impact-direction function finds the impact direction of the door. Door numbering from rooms retrieves door numbers from the room the door opens into, stands in or opens away from.
You can also add items before and afterwards.

Window numbering from room retrieves window number from the room the window opens into, stands in or turns away from. You may also add items before and after.

Update of wall thickness finds the total thickness of the wall and writes this in a parameter on the wall.

Area functions

The Update Area function calculates usable area, gross area, etc. Retrieve materials per room or per cover, wall, or ceiling.

The Update Room function finds data for selected or all rooms. It calculates e.g. light area or amount of square meters of different materials in rooms.

Much simpler form-handling

With the door and window form function, you can with one click produce door forms from selected or all doors and place these on sheets. The same goes for room forms.

There is also a general form function that produces door and window forms from selected or all elements of the same category and places these on sheets. You may also define your own parameters for use in custom forms. You may decide for yourself what kind of content the form should have.

Energy calculation

Exports your model to a format that Sintef's TEK check spreadsheet can open.



Focus RAT - Arkitekt

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3 800,-

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  • Licence covers multiple machines.
  • One license per same time user.
  • Recommended when ment to be used by several machines.

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