Digital solutions with BIM from early stage to delivery.

For creative minds

For 25 years Focus Software has been developing customized software for Norwegian architects. We love working with creative people, probably because we ourselves are in a creative space, when designing new software or workflow methods for the industry.

In 1997 one year after the birth of Focus Software we launched “Focus Anbud”. A Windows program for NS3420 descriptions of works. This same year we started IAI, the predecessor of BuildingSmart. Thus, the BIM-mindset was established.

In 2002 we launched Autodesk Revit on the Norwegian marked. We quickly saw the need for more functionality to meet the requirements of our Norwegian architects. Therefor we developed “Focus RAT”. Soon after that came “Focus Arealplan” for planning.

In 2019 we launched “Focus Beskrivelse”, a next generation software product for job description/tenders/Bill of quantities with the use of NS3420 and process codes. Focus Beskrivelse is a cloud application which makes it possible for easy project collaboration. By simply logging in using a browser Focus Beskrivelse will work on any platform or device, PC, Mac, tablet, mobile (BYOD)

Today most Norwegian architectural companies are using at least one or more solutions from Focus Software.

We believe the key to our success is a well-designed software with work processes that helps the day-to-day life of architects. Add to the fact that we have a top training centre and support scheme with experienced instructors and product experts. You know you are in good hands.

Digitization for architects

Focus Software aims to lead on the path to digitization of the building trade. From design and 3Dmodel to BIM and digital-twin.


BIM (Building Information Modelling) and digitization are important aspects of the architect’s job, a means and method to ensure the success of a project from start to finish.

The use of BIM in projects relies as much on the method as the use of the right tools. Focus Software will supply you with the right software, together with the guidance of our experts, to ensure a successful method of start up for your next BIM project. We can coach software users, BIM coordinators and BIM managers in the use of the software. Our experts can participate within a project to ensure correct method, coordination across the fields.

BIM and digitalizing are opening whole new avenues when it comes to project collaboration. Modern day software simplifies communication between project leaders, housing manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and end-users.

Take the plunge now and take better advantage of today’s technologies.

Architectural tools

At Focus Software we are developing specialized software and modules aimed to simplify the architect’s daily life. To make workflow more efficient and enhance collaboration between all links in the industry.

We make sure our software automates dull time-consuming tasks, thereby freeing up time for the architect’s more creative side.

Our goal is to reduce the workload of door/window tables, zoning, material, light- and energy-calculations to a minimum. These jobs are automated for you.

Preparing zoning plans should solely be about keeping a focus on good design and development of areas with great living conditions. Technical solutions and dataformats work automatically.


Some of our references

Meet our consultants

I have been using BIM and digitalization methods for over 20 years, during which time I have seen the transition from 2D to 3D drawings and the implementation of BIM methodology.

There is no doubt that digital solutions and BIM improves and simplifies workflows for architects in Norway, on all levels of projects. I am ready and eager to help you implement BIM into your new projects, be it drawings or collaborating with contractors.

- Aimo Nilsen, senior Revit consultant, Focus Software AS

It is no longer just about the choice of software. We at Focus Software wish to be a strategic digitalization-partner to our customers. Training, consultancy, and user-support are all key roles with can help you with.

- Knut Helle, senior Solution consultant, Focus Software AS

Our goal with Focus Arealplan is that you can focus on your job, and let the software take care of all the technical stuff. That is why we are constantly developing Focus Arealplan to be quicker, better and more effective.

- Andreas Rønsdal, Zone-planner & Product owner: Focus Arealplan, Focus Software AS


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